Agatha Christie had a very tight deadline to work to as they were about to announce the release of another Agatha Christie book.

The Agatha Christie team and Tangent Snowball created Pinterest boards as a start point. From there I created several colour schemes, several compositions and illustrations for use on the site. I went through a process of picking colours that suited the 1920s.

I read some of Agatha Christie’s books so I understood her better, looked at fanart the fans had created, researched into the TV and films that have been created over the years and read comments from the feedback form that was on I wanted to make sure that the feedback from the fans were included in the redesign.

The team at Agatha wanted a clean website that also had a bit of an edge. Trying to balance the design was tricky. We were very limited on resources, so a majority of the images had to be made from scratch.

Typography was increated to 16px so that the site can be viewed comfortably on devices when the site becomes mobile friendly. Modern websites are increasing their font sizes because of accessibility.

The UX was created by Ian Thomas. Build was done on Tangent Snowball’s ‘Oscar’ and ‘FancyPages’ CMS.

02-illustrations 03-comps

The illustration work below was created by myself after reading some of Agatha Christie’s work to help determine the correct silhouettes that reflected the character. Since the release of illustrations, the Poirot illustration has appeared on numerous media and has been adapted. Including the release of the new book (The Monogram Murders), games, apps and various other merchandise.



The Poirot Illustration

Monogram Murders