Hi! My name is Jade Snowball and have been designing websites since 2005.  I’m always eager to learn new techniques, learn from developers and create great user experiences.

I became interested in web design when I was 18 and started building websites in Angelfire and Geocities. Back then in 1998 I wasn’t sure what I wanted as a career and ended up studying for a BA in English at Queen Mary & Westfield. It was shortly after this that I decided I wanted to do web design and enrolled at Barnet College to study a 2-year course in Multimedia.

When I first graduated from Barnet College I freelanced for companies such as Flirtomatic, FHM and Neuromantics. I was a developer for them, so have some web developer experience.

When I joined TLC Marketing I was a combination of web designer and web developer. When I wanted to further my career I wanted to specialise in web design so joined Syzygy as a designer and worked closely with their in-house Developers (John Hunter, Wayne Parkes, Marcela ManeosStanislav Cmakal and a host of others).

I have found that by understanding the trials and tribulations a web developer can encounter, has helped ease the communication process between designer and developer. I have learnt from Senior Developers and Senior Designers, and am open to their ideas and finding a viable solution for both user and client.

I still believe in learning as technology continues to grow, so I try to attend conferences and learning groups in London. I love talking/reading about other designers on several websites.

I’m also featured in an interview for OneExtraPixel.com. Many thanks to Krishna Solanki!

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