At the beginning of 2011, John Bennett and Victor Sahate partnered with illustrator McBess to create a poster showcasing ‘20 Things That Happened On The Internet In 2010‘.

Syzygy gave away 100 limited edition posters signed by McBess.

I helped by contacting Laughing Squid and various other sites using the account I created over the weekend. Interacting with people interested in the illustration on Twitter was great!

500,000 visitors viewed the illustration on Syzygy’s blog in 3 days.

I was asked to create the website to showcase the answers, however it was never built due to time constraints.The site was going to use the Google Maps API to allow users to explore the illustration, and have some parallax effects when the user was taken to a specific clue.I created a demo of the zoom-in feature using Google Maps API.

01-mcbess 02-mcbess 03-mcbess 04-mcbess