• My Feldschlosschen

    My Feldschlosschen

    Illustration and art direction for My Feldschlosschen video.
  • Agatha Christie

    Agatha Christie

    Agatha Christie website redesign work and illustration work.
  • Chimp Shop

    Chimp Shop

    Developed by scientists, ChimpShop contains psychological techniques to help make it easier for you to cut back.
  • Minecraft Creeper in WebGL

    Minecraft Creeper in WebGL

    Learning Blender and experimenting with WebGL

New in the portfolio

Minion in Blender

I’ve been practising in Blender. Thought I’d start with something basic. Now I just have to get the hair going. Thanks to BlenderForNoobs for...

Javascript Tetris

One of my favourite animes is Gintama. The humour is all a bit wrong, but I thought I’d try and work out how to...